Pubdate: Thu, 21 Apr 2016
Source: Pretoria News, The (South Africa)
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NEW YORK - Afghanistan has called for more international support for 
its efforts in fighting the drug problem as the anti-narcotics war is 
"beyond the limits of any single government".

Slamat Azimi, the minister of counter narcotics of Afghanistan, made 
the statement at the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on 
the World Drug Problem here.

"It is obvious that fighting drugs and narcotics is beyond the limits 
of any single government; therefore, there is a need for extensive 
help from the international community.

"Without such support, narcotics can create massive problems not only 
for Afghanistan, but also for all countries around the globe.

"We believe that one big reason that caused the insecurity in 
Afghanistan is narcotic drugs and existence of precursor within the 
country," said Azimi .

"Afghanistan has been the prime victim of the challenges arising from 
the ever expanding production and trafficking of narcotics. We are 
strongly committed to join the international community in combating 
this global menace, which has undermined our achievements for a better future."

Azimi said: "Afghanistan has done its part at the national, regional, 
and at the international level to fight narcotics and illegal drugs, 
that become the main sources of income for terrorist activities in 
the country."

The UN special session, a three-day event, kicked off at UN 
headquarters in New York with the adoption by the 193-member UN 
General Assembly of the new framework on countering the world drug 
problem, drafted last month in Vienna by the Commission on Narcotic 
Drugs.  Xinhua
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