Pubdate: Mon, 11 Apr 2016
Source: Calaveras Enterprise (CA)
Copyright: 2016 Calaveras Enterprise
Author: Dana M. Nichols


Leaders Hope to Have It on the November Ballot

Anti-marijuana activists on Monday filed notice that they plan to 
circulate a petition that would place on the ballot in Calaveras 
County a measure that would ban marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, 
processing, storage and transportation.

"We are looking to have this on the ballot for November for the 
general election," said Bill McManus of the Calaveras Project. "The 
process is moving forward. We've filed the notice of intention to 
circulate or start the petition effort."

In addition to McManus, those signing the notice of intent are Sandra 
L. Meitrott, Raymond P. Tyler, Vicky Reinke, and Deena M. Morris.

Calaveras County Elections Coordinator Robin Glanville said she had 
forwarded the petition for review by the Calaveras County Counsel's 
office. Glanville said advocates will have 180 days to circulate 
petitions once they are deemed ready by county counsel.

In order to qualify for a general election ballot, the petition would 
have to receive signatures of enough registered voters to equal 10 
percent of those in the county who cast ballots in the last 
gubernatorial election. There were 16,101 ballots cast in the county 
in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

That means McManus and supporters of the petition will need 1,610 
valid signatures.

McManus said that his organization is up to the task. "We have people 
throughout the county who will be helping us."

McManus declined to criticize elected leaders for deciding to 
regulate rather than ban marijuana.

"This is a reflection of what a great number of citizens have said 
needed to be done," he said of the petition.
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