Pubdate: Sat, 09 Apr 2016
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Jo Wood
Page: B7


One big problem with Stephen Harper was his refusal to make 
science-based decisions. Now we face the same problem with Mayor Jim Watson.

He is proud that he has consistently opposed safe-injection sites - 
in spite of overwhelming evidence of their effectiveness.

He will not consider road tolls as proposed by Coun. David 
Chernushenko to encourage transit use and decrease congestion. No 
discussion needed. We don't look at the evidence.

As for any reforms to the city election process, such as ranked 
voting or forbidding corporate and union donations, we can be sure 
that these will be rejected without gathering facts.

Do we really believe that Jim knows best, or should there be wide 
consultation, with scientific evidence brought to the table? As we 
saw with Harper, closed minds do not lead to positive change.

Jo Wood, Ottawa
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