Pubdate: Tue, 05 Apr 2016
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
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Author: Kevin Maimann


Edmonton location to offer exams, info and prescriptions

An Edmonton anesthesiologist who prescribes medical marijuana is
skeptical that a new clinic will help patients.

Toronto-based Cannabinoid Medical Clinic, founded by Dr. Danial
Schecter, will open its first Edmonton location this month to offer
exams, product information and cannabis prescriptions.

But Dr. Brian Knight says plenty of doctors are already prescribing
medical marijuana.

"There's really a shortage of people treating chronic pain in general
in Canada, and all of a sudden these people come out of the woodwork
opening medical marijuana clinics, and where were they 10 or 15 years
ago to help treat patients?" he said.

"I want to think that this Dr. Schecter has the most noble of ideals,
but a lot of these people are in it to make a quick buck off a fairly
vulnerable population."

Knight has prescribed medical marijuana to about 20 patients, but
stresses most ailments are best treated with a multidisciplinary
approach that includes things like exercise, physiotherapy or
psychosocial programs.

But many marijuana advocates are celebrating the arrival of
Cannabinoid Medical Clinic.

Alberta 420 director Keith Fagin said having a new clinic in town will
be a boon to patients.

"The more, the better," he said.

"Finally we're getting over that hump of the stigma of

Knight said price is a bigger barrier to medical marijuana than the
ability to get a prescription, with about 40 producers across Canada
charging at least $5 a gram. Some patients use five grams a day, or
$40 daily, he said.

Calls Metro placed to Cannibinoid Medical Clinic were not returned
before press time.
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