Pubdate: Sun, 03 Apr 2016
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2016 Los Angeles Times
Author: Bill Spitalnick


Regarding "Latest Joint on the Strip," by Jay Jones, March 13: The 
first legal medical marijuana dispensary is now open on the famed 
Vegas Strip. Those with medical marijuana cards can legally purchase 
and consume marijuana in Nevada but cannot transport the item across 
any state lines.

In other words, if it's bought in Vegas, it stays in Vegas ( or other 
areas in Nevada).

And because the store is a legal dispensary, it sells other products 
to treat various medical conditions such as pain, nausea and sleep 
deprivation. In Vegas, pain could stem from losing too much at the 
tables, nausea from downing too many margaritas and sleep deprivation 
due to gambling 48 hours straight without taking a nap.

In November, residents will vote on whether to legalize recreational 
use of grass, which would probably make any dispensary, this letter 
and the original article moot.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach
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