Pubdate: Fri, 01 Apr 2016
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2016 Appeal-Democrat
Author: David Martin


The Sutter County Board of Supervisors is going to turn me into a criminal.

I understand the need to regulate cannabis grows, but some of us 
can't afford the new regulations. I'm on disability because I had a 
stroke, three bypass surgeries and three different cancers. I also 
have only one kidney and a nephrostomy tube in my back.

I fought prostate cancer with radiation and hormone therapy but it 
returned worse than the first time. My doctor told my it was outside 
of my prostate and they couldn't do anymore radiation. I was told I 
had maybe a year to live.

I ran into a friend who told me about a YouTube video called "A Run 
 From The Cure." I watched it and learned how people were using 
cannabis oil to cure cancer. I made the oil and also went on an 
anti-cancer diet. My PSA went from 58 to now 2.1; basically, it 
killed my cancer.

The doctor was wrong. It's now been several years and not only am I 
alive but, all things considered, I'm doing pretty good.

I now take a maintenance dose of the oil to keep cancer from 
returning. I use it to treat the pain in my legs from lack of blood 
flow caused by too much radiation and to increase my appetite.

Here is the problem with the new regulations. I'm on Social Security 
and I get $1,380 a month. My rent is $500. I also pay for TV, 
Internet and my cellphone bill. I have car insurance, gas, 
registration, food and other expenses. Sometimes, I'm out of money 
before I'm out of month.

So where does this money to build a green house, pay a registration 
free and an inspection fee come from? I'm not going to let my cancer 
come back! So now, I'm faced with being a criminal.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to say a person with a medical card can 
grow two or three plants in the backyard sun without all of these 
fees and regulations?

Another point I'd like to make is not all cannabis stinks. Certain 
types are referred to as "skunk" weed. So a clause could be added the 
strain grown must not put out an offensive smell so many feet away 
from the plant.

I appeal to the council members to be reasonable and not turn good, 
law-abiding people like myself into criminals.

David Martin

Yuba City
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