Pubdate: Fri, 01 Apr 2016
Source: Times-Tribune, The (Scranton PA)
Copyright: 2016
Author: Neill Ackerman


Editor: I read with disbelief the March 25 article, "Cops: Teacher 
smoking pot at St. Pat's parade."

I had to reread it. On a day when the beer taps are open from early 
morning hours and revelers of various states of inebriation are in 
the streets, the police arrested a Pittston Area teacher and her 
friend for smoking marijuana at a picnic table away from the crowd.

She was not only arrested, she was suspended by the Pittston Area 
School Board. The suspect, Tia Biscotti, was engaged in an activity 
that is illegal in Pennsylvania, but legal in Colorado, Washington, 
Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia. It did not occur while 
she was teaching and she was not on school property.

I do not condone smoking marijuana. If it is so dangerous, why from 
the founding of the nation until 1937 was it not outlawed? The 
government prohibited alcohol from 1920 to 1933, but there was no 
mention of marijuana until several years later.

Considering what the Pittston school directors did by suspending Ms. 
Biscotti, that is a perfect illustration of what Bernie Sanders, a 
candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, has said many 
times. The Wall Street bankers got away free after the financial 
crisis they brought about nearly wrecked the economy, but the little 
guy who gets caught smoking marijuana gets arrested and can lose his job.

The suspension of Ms. Biscotti is way out of bounds.


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