Pubdate: Wed, 30 Mar 2016
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Copyright: 2016 The Sacramento Bee
Authors: Patricia Bates and Bob Huff


Re "Potent drug tied to fatal overdoses" (Page 1A, March 29): 
Fentanyl has been making headlines nationwide and has contributed to 
other overdose crises, and potentially contributed to six deaths in 
Sacramento County. Fentanyl abuse has become a major problem in 
Orange County, portions of which we represent, where four people died 
of overdoses last year, including a 19-year-old.

Unlike other drugs, fentanyl is extremely dangerous to anyone who may 
come into contact with it, including first responders who may not be 
immediately aware of its presence.

That is why we introduced Senate Bill 1323 last month that would add 
fentanyl to the list of drugs such as heroin and cocaine that are 
subject to criminal penalty enhancements by weight. Our bill 
specifically targets traffickers, not users, so we are hopeful it 
will earn strong bipartisan support in the Legislature.

While our bill will not end illicit fentanyl use, it would assist law 
enforcement agencies in their effort to protect the public.

Sen. Patricia Bates,

R-Laguna Niguel

Sen. Bob Huff, R-San Dimas
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