Pubdate: Wed, 23 Mar 2016
Source: Nelson Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016 Black Press
Author: Wayne Phillips


The largest missing piece of the cannabis controversy is not patterns
of use, as Dr. Piver suggests. Rather the largest missing piece of the
cannabis controversy is how, in 1923, an unspecified regulated
Proprietary or Patent Medicine Act commodity presented only as "there
is a new drug in the schedule" was fraudulently transformed into
cannabis indica once outside of the purview of the lower chamber.

It's about an altered document that was substituted then passed into
law which criminalized cannabis. It's about the flagrant abuse of
Canada's parliamentary system to enact legislation which effectively
manufactured a social problem that has taken on costly proportions
some 93 years later. It's about the systemic discrimination unleashed
on unsuspecting Canadians by the state.

It is one thing to legislate unpopular law; the legitimacy of law is
not based on its popularity. It is, however, quite another to commit
fraud then knowingly cover it up (for 93 years) in order to perpetuate
that which is now being recognized and deemed a failure by the same
party that concocted the fraud initially. That is called corruption.

Wayne Phillips, Hamilton, Ont.
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