Pubdate: Fri, 18 Mar 2016
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2016 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Tony Blais
Page: A11


A woman is suing the RCMP for $100,000 after alleging a male officer
inappropriately searched near her private parts while looking for
drugs during a traffic stop near Sherwood Park.

According to a statement of claim filed in Edmonton's Court of Queen's
Bench on Feb. 23, Jenny Brown, Bob Erb and three others were in a
vehicle pulled over by the RCMP on the Sherwood Park Freeway on Feb.
25, 2014.

Brown alleges a Mountie stated during the traffic stop that he could
smell marijuana and that everybody was under arrest. The officer then
told them to get out of the vehicle and stand with their hands on top
of their heads, alleges Brown.

She claims the officer did a frisk search of Erb and one of the other
passengers before searching her pockets and she told him she was
uncomfortable being searched by a male officer and asked to have a
female officer do it.

Brown alleges the officer refused and continued the search, then
removed a cigarette packet from her pocket in which he found what
appeared to be half of a marijuana joint. She claims the officer
twisted her arm behind her back and handcuffed her, then walked her
toward his police vehicle and searched her further.

Brown alleges the officer then reached into her pants and underwear
and removed a cigarette tin.

"This search was conducted in an improper and unlawful manner and
constitutes a sexual assault," says the statement of claim.

Statements of defence have not yet been filed. Statements of claim
contain allegations unproven in court.

Brown claims she was arrested and the police then searched the vehicle
using a police dog, tearing open and emptying all of the bags inside
the vehicle and pulling off the inside panels.

According to the statement of claim, which names five Mounties and the
Attorney General of Canada as defendants, nothing unlawful was found
in the vehicle and all five were let go after being detained for two
hours. Brown was charged with possession of marijuana.

Brown and Erb live together in Terrace, B.C. In 2012, Erb won $25
million in a Lotto Max draw. He is a marijuana activist.
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