Pubdate: Thu, 17 Mar 2016
Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Nikky Davies


To the Editor,

Re: Pot shops had to be closed, Editorial, Dec. 3.

You need to step into the 21st century with growing a healing plant. 
This plant takes you off toxic addictive pharmaceuticals.

I've grown my own medical cannabis for over 16 years. A drunk driver 
ruined my ability to work at all.

Your lack of research on this issue is appalling.

How cannabis gets to a dispensary is basic and sterile. How does 
organic medical marijuana get to the dispensary? In a container, 
glass or plastic, usually.

Didn't you see CBC's Marketplace where big grocery chains repackage 
old meat dipped in fresh blood and redated? Or mouldy fruit on 
custard tarts in the bakery section?

Organic medical marijuana is much safer and non-toxic compared to the 
agri-tech, mono-crop, GMO-poisoned, hormone-and-no-exercise toxic 
meat. The choice is yours.

Nikky Davies Nanaimo
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