Pubdate: Sat, 19 Mar 2016
Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)
Copyright: 2016 The Columbus Dispatch
Author: Alan Johnson


Citing 11 separate flaws, Attorney General Mike DeWine today rejected 
the wording for a proposed medical marijuana constitutional ballot issue.

It was the fourth time DeWine rebuffed the proposed Ohio Medical 
Cannabis Amendment.

The group backing the proposal, Ohio Medical Cannabis Care LLC, filed 
more than the minimum 1,000 signatures of registered voters needed to 
submit language for the proposal amendment, one of several in the 
works regarding medical marijuana.

However, DeWine found numerous mistakes that caused him to disqualify 
the proposal as being a "fair and truthful" summary of the proposed amendment.

One major flaw cited by DeWine was that the proposal at one point 
says medical marijuana would be available to those "with a qualified 
medical condition," but later says anyone "with a disease or pain 
from a disease" could access marijuana.

DeWine said the wording isn't specific about the fact it would create 
an entire new state agency, the Ohio Department of Medical Cannabis.

The attorney general also cited problems with language about the 
appointment process for commissioners overseeing the new agency, 
signage requirements for marijuana dispensaries, state inspections of 
marijuana facilities, the ability to grow marijuana at home and rules 
about transportation of medical marijuana.

DeWine shot down the group's previous submissions on July 29 and Oct. 
2 last year and Jan. 22 this year.
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