Pubdate: Wed, 16 Mar 2016
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Copyright: 2016 West Hawaii Today
Author: Frank Dickinson


There were two letters in today's paper (March 9, "Vote Bernie") that
were interesting and somewhat telling regarding the mentality of the
left. The first from Stan White advocating Bernie for president. While
neither he nor Clinton would be of any value to our country,
justifying a vote for someone because they would help to legalize the
use of marijuana in Hawaii is somewhat moronic.

Bernie, if elected, would attempt to bankrupt our nation with new and
yet unheard of taxes in an effort to make everything "free" to those
who are unwilling to work for a living. Perhaps Stan thinks his pot
would be free also?

Reading the letter from Dean Nagasako, "Hawaii government out of
control") gave me another laugh to say the least. He sounds like one
of the tired old sovereignty crowd that never gets tired of trying to
convince people of Hawaii that renouncing statehood would do something
good for Hawaii.

The truth that he implied but would not come right out and admit is
that Democrats have been destroying Hawaii for over 50 years and the
people are in such a rut they are afraid of change. Funny how the left
wing will skip around the facts and come up with any number of excuses
to blame others for the corruption and destruction they cause our
cities, counties, states and country!

Of course, every time any of us want to make issue of the Democrat
destruction, they throw Gov. Lingle in our face - conveniently
forgetting that even though we had a Republican governor for a few
years, the legislators were still Democrats and did their best to make
sure she couldn't accomplish much of value. In truth, most Hawaiians
are happy being part of the USA and just don't "rally around the flag"
for fear of repercussions from family or friends that choose not to
appreciate what they have and refuse to acknowledge what they would
lose if they weren't part of the USA.

Frank Dickinson

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