Pubdate: Thu, 10 Mar 2016
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Author: Heather Killen
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Martin's Medical Services operating inaugural East Coast clinic in

MIDDLETON - The Annapolis Valley's first professional dispenser of
medicinal marijuana is open for business. Martin's Medical Services
officially opened its first clinic on the East Coast on Main Street in
Middleton last month and hopes to open 15 more clinics across the
country this year, said David Gravelle.

This clinic specializes in providing high-quality medicinal cannabis
products to patients with a valid medical prescription, and carries
nonprescription Chinese herbs, and other homeopathic remedies.

It offers an umbrella of treatments services such as a Reiki master, a
massage therapist, an herbalist, and a psychologist. The clinic
provides a coffee shop atmosphere so patients can socialize while they
heal their physical ailments.

"We can help a ton of symptoms," says Gravelle. "People will need a
referral from their doctor, but once the referral and registration
procedure has been approved, we have a cannabis consultant that can
prescribe and dispense the cannabis."

Closely Tested

The quality and strains of medicinal marijuana are closely tested to
ensure the drugs are properly dispensed to patients. He added that
people can be confident that what they are taking has been carefully
controlled to match the prescription.

Cannabis and its extracts can treat a huge variety of conditions
including asthma, AIDS, Crohn's Disease, colitis, MS, irritable bowel
syndrome, seizures, sleep disorders, cancer, epilepsy, Lymes disease,
glaucoma, mental health issues, he said.

Martin's Medical Services opened its first clinic in Saskatchewan a
few years ago and already supported a variety of community causes.
Gravelle added that one of the group's mottos is to give back to community.

"We want these towns to flourish, to create more jobs and
opportunities for people to live here," he said.

The clinic in Saskatchewan has handed more than $90,000 to groups
since 2014, including $10,000 to a community swimming pool, $4,000 to
a health centre, and given money to countless individuals in need.

Opening Day

On opening day in Middleton, the clinic's staff passed out cake,
T-shirts, and $5 bills to anyone who visited them, and the plan is to
continue to give back to the community, he says.

Gravelle added the group plans to support the new fire hall and
community centre, as well as provide donations towards other
worthwhile community projects.

"We want this to be a safe, clean family atmosphere where people can
feel comfortable bringing their children," he said.

Security is tight around the dispensary and the premises he added.
Cameras and safe rooms ensure that the drugs will be locked away. The
area is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The group's next clinic will be opening this month in an old bank
building on Prince Edward Island. He added that these days, it's
probably easier to rob a bank than a medicinal marijuana clinic.

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