Pubdate: Fri, 11 Mar 2016
Source: Truro Daily News (CN NS)
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Author: Ashley Thompson
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RCMP Seize Shipments of Shatter

It's time for more chatter about shatter.

"The RCMP in the Annapolis Valley has successfully interdicted two 
shipments of shatter in the last four months. This is a newer product 
in the Valley," said Cpl. Michael Hynes of Annapolis Valley Traffic Services.

In August, Kings District RCMP members investigating a cell phone- 
related traffic violation in New Minas seized about 100 grams of 
shatter. As a result, a 21- year-old Bridgewater man was charged with 
possession for the purpose of trafficking.

On Feb. 28, a 25-year-old man was arrested in Grand Pre after 
Annapolis Valley RCMP Traffic Services seized 32 grams of shatter 
during a weekend traffic stop.

"Shatter is the purified form of butane honey oil processed from the 
shake of the marijuana plant," said Hynes.

The substance is typically golden in colour, but the texture can 
change according to the temperature.

"Shatter has a golden color and its texture varies depending on the 
temperature of the location where it's stored. When it's warm, it's 
soft and sticky, much like toffee or thick caramel. When it's kept at 
room temperature or cooler, it becomes brittle and will break into 
small shards, similar to a very thin piece of peanut brittle - minus 
the nuts," said Hynes, noting that it is commonly packaged in 
parchment paper and small envelopes.

Hynes warns that the high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol in 
shatter can result in undesirable side effects.

"It should not be used by occasional or first-time cannabis users. 
Side effects range from euphoria to paranoia and confusion and there 
are concerns that shatter may pose a risk to persons with heart 
conditions," said Hynes.
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