Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2016
Source: Bundaberg News Mail (Australia)
Copyright: 2016 The Bundaberg Newspaper Company Pty Limited
Author: Dieter Moeckel


THERE appears to be an inexorable advance in acceptance of the 
ubiquitous use of party drugs and a concomitant approach to safe use 
of these drugs at music festivals.

In NSW a group of doctors, led by Dr Alex Wodak, president of the 
Drug Law Reform Foundation, is preparing to provide drug testing 
facilities at music festivals, giving sound scientific and medical 
advice to recreational drug users on site.

Experience has shown that this approach saves more young lives than 
the current saturation police enforcement policy.

However, NSW Premier Mike Baird has refused to support the 
proposition saying, "there is only one safe way to go about pills and 
that is don't take them".

This zero tolerance strategy has not worked since President Nixon 
declared the war on drugs.

Like all wars the war on drugs has cost billions of dollars for no 
benefit, has resulted in incarceration for thousands for non-violent 
victimless crimes and has destroyed the lives of otherwise useful, 
productive members of our communities.

I understand that to change a policy which demonised substance use 
for almost a century is difficult, but I suggest that "doing the same 
thing over and over and expecting different results is indicative of insanity".

It will take a very courageous leader to stand up and say, "the drug 
war has failed! We were wrong. We need a realistic harm minimisation policy".


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