Pubdate: Tue, 08 Mar 2016
Source: Saanich News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016 Saanich News
Author: Warren Ellam


Re: Tom Fletcher's article Bowing to the power of judges (Saanich 
News, March 2)

I found it hysterical and ironic that you posted an editorial on 
responsible journalism next to an editorial (rant) from Tom Fletcher. 
Mr Fletcher uses condescension, hostility, bullying, and belittling 
comments to make his convoluted and bizarre points. His columns are 
the furthest thing from responsible journalism since Fox News. If 
your standards of practice are so high, why are you including his 
columns on a regular basis?

In Fletcher's editorial (rant) beside your article on responsible 
journalism, he belittled and name called both our supreme court and 
our prime minister. He then questions the diagnosis of a sick woman 
with chronic fatigue syndrome, and insinuates she has no such 
condition, but instead sits around the house eating chips, watching 
TV and smoking dope. Is he now Dr. Fletcher? Maybe he needs a 
prescription for some medical marijuana to chill out. Too bad chronic 
stupidity does not qualify.

Fletcher ended his round about rant on the topic of assisted dying by 
suggesting that (greedy) children will coerce their parents into 
"checking out" so they can get their inheritance sooner.


If this is what you call responsible journalism, honestly, I don't 
know whether to laugh or cry.

Warren Ellam

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