Pubdate: Thu, 03 Mar 2016
Source: Sarnia Journal, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2016 Sarnia Journal
Author: Nadine Wark


Sir: As Canadians, freedom of the press is something we all enjoy, and
healthy debate is good.

With regard to the three letters to the editor on Feb. 25 responding
to my column, I would like to state that just because I did not
mention nicotine and alcohol, in no way was I downplaying the serious
consequences of using those drugs. I chose to stick to the subject at
hand, the government's plan to legalize marijuana.

Regular pot smokers will continue to sing the praises of cannabis and
be in denial about its impacts, no matter what is said by the medical
profession or an average citizen like myself.

Medicinal marijuana, properly and legally dispensed by a doctor to
patients in need, is a far cry from making it available to anyone and
everyone. If this drug gives them relief, so be it.

Just because teens already have access to marijuana does not justify
making it easier to obtain. (Some say it would be harder to obtain,
but we may find out very soon). But this argument could go on 'till
the cows come home.'

One writer mentioned Cheech and Chong and how well they are doing.
Well, Tommy Chong was a dancer on Dancing with the Stars in the fall
of 2014. He stepped out of a VW bus filled with smoke =C2=85 I do believe

he, along with his partner, could have won the competition had he not
been under the influence!

Nadine Wark

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