Pubdate: Mon, 07 Mar 2016
Source: Quad-City Times (IA)
Copyright: 2016 Quad-City Times
Author: Don Hepner


I support medicinal marijuana as well as recreational marijuana, and 
have for years, one of which has been LEGAL in Illinois for two years.

Just last month, the dispensary in Milan opened! I qualify for 
medicinal marijuana, according to the standards set up, and when I 
put that request to my doctors, and I have a cadre of them, they all 
ignored me.

Later, I heard that Quad-Cities doctors, at least on the Illinois 
side, have gotten together and DECIDED they would not write 
prescriptions for pot! This from a group that writes prescriptions 
for opioid painkillers. How has that worked out?

Opioids are addictive. In 2014, 47,055 people died from drug 
overdoses and 10,574 died from heroin and 18,893 from prescription 
opioids ( Heroin is the "gateway" drug for opioid 
users. So, what are these family doctors and Internists think they are doing?

No one has died from an overdose of the non-addictive painkiller: Pot!

Physician, heal thyself!

Try reading about cannabis! Yesterday, I drove by the Milan 
dispensary and there was ONE car there! I dislike when another person 
or persons decide what I should or should not have!

America is like that!

Don Hepner,

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