Pubdate: Thu, 03 Mar 2016
Source: Westword (Denver, CO)
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Author: Herbert Fuego


Dear Stoner: Where can I find cannabis-friendly events around Denver? 
I have a business in cannabis and would like to host a smoke-friendly 
event, but I'm not sure where to look.


Dear Tarik: Hosting a cannabis-friendly event in Colorado is pretty 
easy, but hosting a pot-smoking-friendly event? Not so much. For 
starters, any event at which you hope to allow pot smoking would have 
to take place at a private venue that is either outside or doesn't 
have to comply with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (a law that 
bans smoking at indoor venues unless otherwise permitted) - and there 
are very few of those. Even after finding a venue that fits your 
criteria, however, you'd have to apply to the local governing body 
for an event permit. That's not always easy; High Times was just 
denied such a permit by Adams County for its Cannabis Cup because of 
law enforcement concerns over attendance and public pot consumption.

Word to the wise: If the event you're trying to put together is more 
business-related but you still want to indulge, don't call it an 
event - call it a party. By hosting a party at a private residence 
that's not open to the public, any adult over 21 who attends is free 
to enjoy recreational cannabis within the confines of the property, 
as long as no marijuana is sold. You can still invite whomever you'd 
like and talk shop wherever you party, but the activity can't be 
funded by your company. Remember, it's just a "party."

Dear Stoner: Does caffeine drown out the comedown from weed?


Dear Clark: A cup of coffee after a morning bowl is a treasured way 
to start the day for many, but studies are starting to show that 
cannabis and caffeine might not mix so well. According to Dr. Scott 
Krakower, the assistant unit chief of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside 
Hospital in New York, mixing the two doesn't provide the combination 
of effects you'd expect. In a recent article in Live Science, 
Krakower says that combining the two "would mix neuro-chemically," 
causing your brain to lose working memory and focus. The 
upper-and-downer combination of caffeine and THC is also harmful and 
can make users feel restless and weary at the same time - meaning 
coffee after pot won't necessarily sober you up, nor will pot after 
too much coffee immediately knock you out. You can still enjoy a 
small bowl of Kush in the morning and follow it up with some bean 
juice - just make sure you don't have any work to do, and take it in moderation.
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