Pubdate: Wed, 02 Mar 2016
Source: Day, The (New London,CT)
Copyright: 2016 The Day Publishing Co.
Author: Stan White


One reason to re-legalize cannabis (marijuana) that doesn't get 
mentioned, "Rhode Island Senate Majority Leader Signs on to Legalize 
Marijuana," (Feb. 21), is because it may lower hard-drug addiction 
rates. That list includes opioids, which have been in news in The Day a 
lot recently.

Selling cannabis in a regulated market removes sales from people who may 
also sell hard drugs. Some citizens who legitimately use opioids for 
medical conditions may choose cannabis, if it is available over the 
counter, like in Colorado. That could lower hard drug addiction rates.

Re-legalizing the relatively safe God-given plant will eventually 
require the federal government changing its classification from a 
Schedule I substance alongside heroin, while meth and cocaine are only 
Schedule II substances. The government message to Americans, that 
cannabis is no worse than heroin and worse than meth and cocaine, has 
been a dangerous and irresponsible policy costing the country in too 
many countless ways. How many people have tried cannabis and found it to 
be safer than alcohol and believe other substances must not be so 
dangerous either, only to find themselves addicted to hard drugs?

A sane or moral argument to continue caging responsible adults who use 
cannabis doesn't exist.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado
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