Pubdate: Thu, 25 Feb 2016
Source: Sarnia Journal, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2016 Sarnia Journal
Author: Kim May


Sir: Re: Nadine Wark's column "Will Canada go to pot?" Here's a brief 

The fact is, her column is full of debunked conservative propaganda,
from the 'teen brains' nonsense, which has been debunked by two
different studies that found the original study to have control group
faults, to the pot is stronger argument, which is simply false, to the
pot rots your brain and memory argument, which has also been proven
false, and finally the oldie-but-goody gateway drug argument, which
has also been debunked.

If there is a gateway drug it's legal alcohol, not illegal pot. In my
opinion they legalized the wrong thing, alcohol, which has been
devastating. Alcohol has resulted in domestic violence, multiple
deaths on our roads, multiple deaths due to liver damage and suicide,
etc. etc. etc.

I'd write a better response, including links to back it up, but
frankly I'm tired of responding to fear-mongers with an agenda.

If pot were dangerous, Cheech (age 69) and Chong (Age 77) would be
long dead physically and mentally. Instead they are just as funny as
they ever were after consuming cannabis most of their lives.

Kim May

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