Pubdate: Thu, 25 Feb 2016
Source: East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR)
Copyright: 2016 The East Oregonian
Author: Judy Emanuel


Marijuana (cannabis) is a medicine. Edibles, tinctures, creams and 
oils are potent medicines and should be recommended by a physician 
who understands their properties and side effects.

Allowing a person to get anything they want at a dispensary is the 
same as allowing them to go to a pharmacy and get medicine without 
seeing a doctor or a pharmacist.

Our bodies, just like the cannabis plant, make cannabinoids (major 
ingredients) and we have receptors for them everywhere including the 
brain, blood system, liver, lungs, ovaries, kidneys, etc. The 
cannabinoids in marijuana are very therapeutic.

Getting high is a side effect of cannabis. Historically it was used 
by the plant to protect itself from animals that liked to eat its 
leaves but would go to sleep when intoxicated. Most of my patients do 
not like to get high and have learned to adjust the dose so that the 
psychoactive effects are minimal. They use marijuana because of its 
remarkable medicinal properties (research-based - pain, nausea, 
appetite, seizures, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's DX, 
neuropathies, PTSD, cancer).

Like all medicines marijuana can be dangerous for patients who have 
not been educated in its appropriate use and have not seen a physician.

Politicians have a moral and legal obligation to protect the citizens 
of Oregon.

Please use your God-given privilege of serving others to promote what 
is right and honorable. Keep medical marijuana as a separate entity 
and do not legalize the purchase of edibles, tinctures, creams, and 
oils without a doctor's recommendation.

Do not cater to those who think that money is more important than human lives.

Also, please save our small farmers.

Judy Emanuel

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