Pubdate: Sat, 20 Feb 2016
Source: State Journal-Register (IL)
Copyright: 2016 The State Journal-Register
Author: Kirk Boyenga


The opening of the medical marijuana facility in Springfield is proof 
positive that our state's political leaders are driven by money, not 
facts. Marijuana continues to be a dangerous drug that has not been 
proven to have medicinal effect on more than one or two relatively 
rare conditions. National medical organizations continue to argue 
strongly against its use as medicine.

It is certainly heartbreaking that many people experiencing serious 
pain or other severe symptoms are seeking help from cannabis. The sad 
truth is that marijuana might very well dull the discomfort, but at 
what cost? Marijuana, as with all mood altering drugs, offers great 
front-end promises, but then delivers rear-end tragedy. It would be 
great if everyone who felt bad, either physically or emotionally 
could be made to feel good with a drug. Every physician with a 
conscience knows that, when possible, pain relief needs to result in 
a productive human being. There is little to suggest that treatment 
with cannabis will produce such results. The more marijuana is 
promoted as a cure-all, the fewer contributing members of society 
there will be.

It seems like the citizens of Illinois deserve to have medical 
treatments that have withstood the rigors of exhaustive 
investigation. What we have now is a cash-driven treatment 
alternative that will result in patients being the victims of 
political malpractice, along with medical malpractice.

Kirk Boyenga

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