Pubdate: Tue, 09 Feb 2016
Source: Citrus County Chronicle (FL)
Copyright: 2016 Citrus County Chronicle
Author: Sheila Jacobs


I remain so disappointed in the lawmakers unwilling to see the 
benefits of legalizing marijuana completely. It helps with more 
things that ail a person than what will be medically prescribed 
eventually. I realize this is a backwards state, just one, among 
several others. The laws imposed upon us, by people who can drink 
their way into oblivion, if they choose, is kind of hypocritical ... 
don't you think? They are stuck in a time warp and can't see past 
their rigid beliefs. Legalize it. Put laws on it. No difference than 
the rules for drinking. It is not a gateway drug.

No more than the person taking their first drink is destined to be a 
drunk. An addict will be an addict no matter what the substance.

I can understand law enforcement not wanting it to be legit. I 
understand the alcohol lobby not wanting it. Pharmaceutical 
companies? Don't get me started.

Follow the money, people. What is even more ridiculous (since money 
is such an issue) is the amount of revenue that would come in from 
having it taxed. The state itself would share in the wealth, not the 
companies that benefit the most by keeping it illegal. Think, people. 
There are those of you out there who will argue this point until your 
dying day. Too bad. Your dying days could have been much easier.

Sheila Jacobs

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