Pubdate: Sun, 24 Jan 2016
Source: Mail Tribune, The (Medford, OR)
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Author: Amos Cates


Enduring the foul odors caused by growing cannabis through harvest 
time cannot be escaped. Neighbors cannot use their yards or patios 
due to the strong pungent odors from blooming season through October. 
Neighbors' property values are depleted immensely, or they can't sell.

Why are we spending money on something that's illegal according to 
the federal government, also damaging to our young people? It's not 
for the medical field, it's another hallucinating drug and will in 
most cases lead to stronger drugs. Ask Dr., he's one of our 
leading doctors in drug rehabilitation.

We need to also respect that neighbor's rights by enforcing the 
property line 250-foot rule proposal. Growers can build a facility to 
grow indoors with the proper filtering system. This is not about 
protecting health. It's all about money.

Please, commissioners do the right thing! We're hearing sob stories 
of why the growers can't grow for medical purposes. Let them buy from 
the legal commercial growers.

Commissioners, do not buy into "it's better to use marijuana than 
alcohol." Two wrongs don't make a right. Also the drug lords aren't 
shipping alcohol across the borders. Do we need to say more?

Amos Cates

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