Pubdate: Sat, 16 Jan 2016
Source: Alaska Dispatch News (AK)
Copyright: 2016 Alaska Dispatch Publishing
Note: Anchorage Daily News until July '14
Author: Bruce Scotland


I couldn't help but smile as I read your article, "Wasilla moves 
forward toward ban on sales of marijuana." Whenever friends in my age 
group discuss why we might leave the state, I always counter with, 
"but you wouldn't have Wasilla."

Think of all they have given us: the Palins, a great ferry tale that 
you couldn't make up, and now this. I can't help but imagining that, 
right beyond city boundaries, there will be marijuana stores akin to 
Gorilla Fireworks to add a dash of class to a city that is already a 
visual treat to drive through.

I wonder how many tourists have double-checked their maps while 
barreling through the pulsing heart of that majestic land. I think 
Wasilla should encourage billboards just to hide the buildings. And 
now the city that may have the shortest book of building codes 
outside of New Delhi, a city that has no idea how it's going to pay 
for the ferry fiasco, is going to mount its miniature moral pony and 
ensure that there shall be no dope sold or consumed in its fair city. 
This reasoning will surely deter someone from driving past the 
beloved Mug Shot to purchase a smoke.

And that, my friends, will surely ensure public safety.

- - Bruce Scotland

Eagle River
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