Pubdate: Fri, 15 Jan 2016
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
Copyright: 2016 The Baltimore Sun Company
Author: Neill Franklin


As someone who was once the state police commander of nine Maryland 
law enforcement drug task forces, including the Harford County Drug 
Task Force of which State's Attorney Joe Cassilly is a benefiting 
member, I find the recent commentary from him to be disingenuous and 
somewhat self-serving ("Why are Md. lawmakers itching to fund drug 
dealers?" Jan. 3).

Mr. Cassilly's office not only benefits from seized assets, but 
according to his 2015 legislative testimony, he is the architect of 
Maryland's current civil asset forfeiture law. He has a vested 
interest in maintaining this problematic policy.

Maryland's current policy goes completely against some of our basic 
constitutional rights, mainly the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of 
Rights, which contains our right to be free from government property 
seizure without due process. For this reason among many, these 
policies have undergone significant reform across this nation. It's 
time for Maryland to join other states and stand by its citizens. 
Yes, call your legislators and demand that they support the U.S. 
Constitution and safeguard our rights.

Neill Franklin, White Hall
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