Pubdate: Sun, 10 Jan 2016
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Jenny Yuen
Page: 3


Mayor John Tory believes Scarborough Southwest MP Bill Blair is "a 
great choice" to lead the Liberals' pot legalization file.

The former Toronto Police chief has been assigned to plot out how 
marijuana will be decriminalized in Canada.

"Somebody like Bill Blair, who I think is an open-minded, thoughtful 
person and who has experience with marijuana from the other side when 
it has been illegal, will be very well-suited to dealing with it," 
Tory said Saturday.

"I think this is a complicated and delicate matter in terms of the 
considerations that have to apply to ensure that kids don't have 
access to it and it's handled in the right kind of way."

Tory said he is waiting to see what the province and the federal 
government will do with the sale, control and regulations of the drug 
before it trickles down to the municipal level.

"I wish him well in what I think is going to be a difficult task," he 
said. "I don't think Bill Blair is going to make it any more 
difficult. He will apply himself to this."
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