Pubdate: Thu, 07 Jan 2016
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2016 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Leonard P. Apedaile
Page: A9


Re: Mayor in south-central Mexico slain a day after inauguration, Jan. 5

Tears welled up when I read of the assassination of Gisela Mota, mayor
of Temixco, Mexico, within just hours of her swearing in on New Year's
Day. Then I saw the photos of two of the three suspects, young men
with stunned looks.

I am writing to encourage the conversation on decriminalization of
recreational drugs. Please do the journalistic diligence to dispel the
myths that treatment of addictions by police, courts and prisons is
effective. Give editorial support for treatment of addictions as
health issues. Join the Economist Magazine in compelling arguments for
stopping the financing of criminal organizations, stopping the killing
of brave leaders like Mayor Mota and of innocent citizens, and the
victimization of young people.

All recreational drug uses, including the most dangerous, are most
effectively managed under medical and pharmaceutical supervision. It
is way past time to stop Alberta dollars going to fund drug wars in
Mexico, and supporting criminals and dysfunction. Who benefits?

Leonard P. Apedaile,

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