Pubdate: Wed, 06 Jan 2016
Source: Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, IL)
Copyright: 2016 Southern Illinoisan
Author: Dan Linn


To the Editor:

I am glad that The Southern gave a "thumbs up" to the cannabis 
decriminalization bill being reintroduced in Springfield. How long 
until we end another failed prohibition completely? Keeping a plant 
illegal seems silly when there are plenty of other crimes that go 
unsolved every year. However it is easier for police to catch some 
college kids getting high than it is for them to solve a cold case 
murder or a rape.

The medical cannabis program has shown that there are investors and 
businesses willing to open up in parts of central and southern 
Illinois at a time when other businesses are shutting down or leaving 
the state. Colorado had to issue a tax refund to its citizens due to 
amount of taxes that were paid from the legal cannabis industry, both 
medical and recreational. Personally I would put Illinois farmers 
above Colorado farmers when it comes to growing cannabis, if only 
Illinois farmers had the chance. Those who were lucky enough to get a 
cultivation license to grow medical cannabis in Illinois needed large 
amounts financial capital and experience, something Illinois farmers 
just could not admit to when competing against the west coast 
gardeners. Illinois should legalize cannabis for all adults, not just 
those who are sick.

Dan Linn

Springfield, IL

Dan Linn is executive director, Illinois for the National 
Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws
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