Pubdate: Tue, 05 Jan 2016
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
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Author: Monica Vaughan
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Pennsylvania police said they seized $11,000 in cash, 247 pounds of 
marijuana, two trucks with California plates and a sheriff's deputy's 
pistol when they busted a drug trafficking trio that included a Yuba 
County deputy.

Authorities in York County, Pa., conducted a press conference Monday 
about the arrest of Deputy Christopher "Mark" Heath, 37, and his two 
alleged accomplices, Tyler Neil Long, 31, and Ryan Jay Falsone, 27. 
All three have been charged with three felonies and are scheduled to 
appear in court in February.

They are accused of driving the marijuana across the country and were 
arrested in a rural town in York County during a transaction on Dec. 29.

"This is a pretty big bust for us," York County District Attorney Tom 
Kearney said in a phone interview Monday. He estimated the local 
street value of the marijuana allegedly found in Heath's possession 
at $2 million. Police found it parceled into two-pound, well-sealed bags.

"It was clearly a sophisticated operation," Kearney said.

The bust was the result of an investigation by the county's drug task 
force after it received information and executed an undercover operation.

Police did not know Heath was a police officer until his arrest.

Marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania, and while they do have 
"homegrown stuff," Kearney said, the weather is more conducive for 
the plant in Northern California.

Their investigation is ongoing.
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