Pubdate: Tue, 29 Dec 2015
Source: Witness, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2015 The Witness.
Author: Calvin Govender


THE article "Loads of dagga cleared near Lincoln Meade" (The Witness, 
December 17) refers. In the article, KZN police commissioner 
Mmamonnye Ngobeni indicates she would have expected the community to 
inform officers about a plantation of cannabis in plain sight. It 
appears that our top brass have fallen out of touch with the needs of 
communities they have been mandated to serve. Communities are clearly 
more interested in reducing violent crime.

Cannabis is considered non-toxic because it is physically impossible 
to consume enough to induce death. Yet a person can easily die of 
alcohol poisoning. We are hard-wired for cannabis and have receptors 
for cannabinoids. The body's endo-cannabinoid system provides a 
modulatory function and is responsible for eating, sleeping, 
relaxing, digestion and forgetting. Cannabinoids are even found in 
breast milk because it pacifies babies.

Since ancient times, Hindus and Rastafarians have used the plant for 
cultural/ religious purposes. The leaves are used to make tea for 
asthma and the nutritious hemp seed can be added to salads and 
breakfast muesli. We pray that our leaders help us protect our 
hard-earned constitutional and human rights.

CALVIN GOVENDER Pietermaritzburg
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