Pubdate: Mon, 21 Dec 2015
Source: Blue Mountain Eagle (OR)
Copyright: 2015 Blue Mountain Eagle
Author: Eva Harris


Writer states regulated marijuana market would be safer.

To the Editor:

I was quoted in the Dec. 16 issue of the Blue Mountain Eagle 
regarding the county ordinance to ban the commercial growing and 
selling of marijuana in the county. I am not in favor in any way that 
underage youngsters have access to marijuana. But the reality is that 
youngsters do have access, and it is easy for them to get it. But 
they are getting it from an unregulated market.

Oregon Measure 91 legalizing recreational marijuana contains 
requirements for security systems surrounding and within commercial 
sites of growers, processors, dispensaries, wholesalers and 
retailers. Measure 91 requires registration and licensing of the 
business and monthly reports of activities to the state Health 
Department. It requires labeling and packaging the products sold and 
requires testing for molds, pesticides and the potency of the 
product. This information has to be stated on the product label.

The county's ban (opt-out of Measure 91) on these commercial 
activities has removed these safety measures and left youth and 
adults alike the unregulated "street market."

The production and selling of food and medical products is regulated 
to secure consistency and purity of those products sold. We have 
tried to develop systems for the protection of our youth from the 
negative effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs that are on the 
market today. We recognize these are not perfect and they never will 
be perfect, but we can try.

I don't like being regulated any more than you do. Our youth need 
some protection and guidance on moderation until they have developed 
the maturity of judgment to be responsible for their actions. It 
would be nice if these things could be learned at home with our 
families. But that does not always happen.

Measure 91 is not perfect. But opting out and passing the ban has 
removed the opportunity to require and enforce these safety measures 
and has left us without the tools we need to assure the security of 
grow and processing sites and the clear identification of the 
products being sold.

Eva Harris

Canyon City
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