Pubdate: Sun, 06 Dec 2015
Source: Trentonian, The (NJ)
Column: Passing the Joint
Copyright: 2015 The Trentonian
Author: Ed Forchion, For The Trenonian


Last week Donald Trump once again lied. This time he said he saw 
thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating 9/11 - which is a 
flatout lie that many others are now repeating. Can you say 
revisionist Christian history? I remember soon after 9/11, watching 
the events from my Riverfront State Prison cell's cable TV and seeing 
Palestinians in Gaza and Egyptians cheering Osama bin Laden's revenge 
attacks. Nothing like that happened in the USA or it would've been on 
TV, on someone's camera, and in the press. Local police would've 
responded to this, and it could've been on the front pages of 
national newspapers.I'm a newsjunkie; allI do is read, listen to, and 
watch news. A couple newspapers at the time actually printed that 
Israelis were arrested in New Jersey celebrating, but I'm sure Trump 
doesn't remember this. It doesn't fit the reality he wants to 
believe: http://

I consider my alter ego, NJWeedman, to be Gov. Christie's nemesis, 
and I've rarely agreed with him. But he, too, is calling Trump a liar 
in a nicer, more politically correct way, and remember: At that time 
he was the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey-he absolutely would've known 
if massive Muslim celebrations happened.

Ken Matthews (who is a complete tool), the on-air host at 1210 AM, 
now claims he too saw this celebration. When I called into his show 
Sunday and called him a LIAR, he hung up on me and then cravenly 
tried to make me sound like I was part of some conspiracy to support 
Muslim terrorists-after I was no longer on the air to defend my 
position. (I'm not a Muslim, or an Arab, BTW). Talk about "conspiracy 
theory." Matthews then ranted about how this "story of Muslims 
celebrating in the U.S. was 'scrubbed from the Internet.'" Please 
someone Pass the Joint and tell him the Internet is archived: 
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