Pubdate: Fri, 27 Nov 2015
Source: Coast Reporter (CN BC)
Copyright: 2015 Coast Reporter
Author: Christine Wood


The District of Sechelt isn't interested in licensing and regulating 
medicinal marijuana dispensaries until the federal laws change.

S&M Sweet Shoppe co-owner Michelle Sikora made a pitch for regulation 
and licensing of dispensaries at the Nov. 18 council meeting, but 
council wasn't receptive.

"Nobody on council indicated any interest in getting any further 
staff reports or knowledge, so it sort of slid at that point back 
into administrative limbo," said Sechelt Mayor Bruce Milne following 
the meeting.

He noted, however, that licensing of dispensaries is a topic of 
discussion among councillors. "It is being discussed in terms of how 
we might approach an issue that's changing quite rapidly. From a 
municipal perspective, my main concern is activities in the 
residential neighbourhood and that there is a way that solves those 
that works well for people," Milne said.

"We really don't want to start treading into federal criminal law, 
and that's the other delicate side of this. We're working as well as 
we can to be supportive of the RCMP, our policing, and also to work 
within community values, and it's a bit of a balancing act right now."

Milne added that he didn't feel there was much desire by council to 
push forward with the issue until the federal rules change. "We would 
prefer that it be resolved at the federal level and when there are 
legitimate boundaries and structures for the use of any products, 
then we can issue business licences," Milne said.

"We will probably try to sort out a few things in advance of that so 
we can think about appropriate locations, but once they are a 
legitimate business I want to treat them like any other legitimate business."
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