Pubdate: Fri, 27 Nov 2015
Source: Orange County Register, The (CA)
Copyright: 2015 The Orange County Register
Author: Lloyd Edwards


If you claim success is reducing the jail population  that is 
correct. We have long known that most crimes are drug related. 
Endangering lives by robbing people and stores at gunpoint, breaking 
into your home or car and taking your precious items to be sold for 
pennies on the dollar to finance their drug habit, all manner of 
violence with drug dealers on the streets, sex crimes like 
prostitution and credit card fraud, identity theft and gang violence 
are all related to drugs.

All you need do now is watch the news, with another police chase, 
shooting and the like, every day. Cops will tell you they see much 
more violent and property crime as a result of this change.

We had been working to stop this by creating the three strikes 
program and education systems such as DARE programs to keep kids, 
along with our communities, safe and off drugs. Prop. 47 undermined 
all of this. Now possession of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine is 
a citation release and they are right back at it. Not to mention the 
reduction in sentencing for burglary and theft.

We need to repeal this law and do it quickly, before more drug use, 
more violence and more crime becomes the new normal and our society 
falls further victim to this crazy liberalism.

Lloyd Edwards

Huntington Beach
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