Pubdate: Wed, 25 Nov 2015
Source: Colorado Springs Independent (CO)
Column: CannaBiz
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Author: Griffin Swartzell


West-side weed

The west side's newest cannabis club, Canna Canyon (1507 W. Colorado 
Ave.), is open. Owner and CEO Aaron Stone has a strong background in 
the weed business, having worked on both the medical and recreational 
sides. The former JP Wellness owner ended a year-long stint as 
operator of The Lazy Lion in August to create his own club, aiming 
for what he describes as the pure club experience - something less 
like a nightclub and more like an Elks lodge or brewers union.

It comes through in the work that he and co-owner/COO Camille Mara 
have put into their remodel, with jade-green walls and a palette of 
dark woods and leather lending a cultured yet relaxed feel. The open 
space hosts a lovely painting of Garden of the Gods, plus pieces of 
local art and two display cases full of crystals. Of note, it's much 
smaller than any of the other clubs, with a maximum capacity of 18.

Beyond the expected range of flower and shatter, Canna Canyon offers 
(for reimbursement) infused chocolate bars from locals Shum-met, with 
a selection of THC-infused bars at various strengths, plus the 
company's CBD-only bars, which were named Best CBD Edible at the 2015 
Cannabis Cup. You can also find rosin-pressed hash, of which Stone is a fan.

For those unfamiliar, the rosin technique involves using a hot press 
like a hair straightener to extract concentrated THC without 
flammable solvents. Not only is he planning a seminar on pressing for 
a yet-to-be-determined date in mid-December, he's also investing in a 
T-shirt press, which will allow club members to press rosin hash on-site.

It's worth noting, too, that Stone wants to accommodate MMJ patients 
who are just looking for somewhere quiet to smoke. Patients can 
present their same-day dispensary receipts to get in for $2 instead 
of the usual $5.

On the job

City officials have released a proposed list of members for the 
marijuana task force mandated by the moratorium ordinance passed 
earlier this month. As proposed, the 14-person group will be led by 
Councilor Larry Bagley and include City Clerk Sarah Johnson, Attorney 
Charles T. Houghton, Colorado Springs Police Department Cmdr. Sean 
Mandel, City Attorney Wynetta Massey, Director of Planning and 
Development Peter Wysocki, Green Pharm/Elevated Extractions owner 
Dale Hecht, A Wellness Centers manager Tom Scudder, Council of 
Neighbors and Organizations director emeritus Jan Doran, Deputy Chief 
of Staff Bret Waters, Colorado Springs Forward Chair Lynette 
Crow-Iverson, RE/Max real estate broker John Harding, Springs Fire 
Marshal Brett Lacey, and Brian Anderson of Colorado Springs Utilities.

The task force is expected to "review, study, develop, evaluate, and 
review laws and regulations pertaining to marijuana businesses, 
including but not limited to location and licensing criteria, fees, 
advertising, and other time, place, manner, and number regulations," 
according to city documents. As of press time, City Council had yet 
to vote on the proposed members of the task force.

Fueling growth

Gas & Grass has opened its location at 17th and Uintah streets. As 
reported earlier this month, Denver-based Native Roots put 
dispensaries into two defunct Conoco stations and is keeping the gas 
a-flowing, offering discounted fuel for their patients.

So far, business out east has been strong, though there has been one 
point of confusion: Anyone can buy gasoline from either location, not 
just MMJ patients. Attached dispensaries aside, both locations do 
function as everyday gas stations. The Uintah location's convenience 
store even has a small selection of chips, candy bars and soda in 
addition to the tobacco products and lottery tickets sold both 
places. But the Native Roots branded merchandise is still only sold 
in the dispensary.
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