Pubdate: Thu, 26 Nov 2015
Source: Tucson Weekly (AZ)
Column: MMJ Opinion:
Copyright: 2015 Tucson Weekly
Author: Aari Ruben


Now's the time to get involved in the cannabis social movement

Many social movements have been taking hold in our nation recently. 
For example, same-sex marriage has moved from social acceptance to 
being fully legal. Cannabis law reform is a hot topic in politics and 
the media, as well as more and more states jumping onboard. Times are 
good, and there is much fulfilling work to be done on these and other 
humanitarian fronts. However, I am making a public call to action, 
asking for your participation in these movements. It isn't hard, 
there are events happening all the time.

The 4th annual conference hosted by Marijuana Business Daily was 
recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Rio Hotel and Conference 
Center. The event was attended by more than 5,500 people, 
representing all 50 states and 23 other countries. With a highly 
regarded group of exhibitors and speakers, such as Ralph Nader, Steve 
DeAngelo and Tripp Keber and two huge expo halls packed full of 
exhibits-the show was a must see for anyone with an interest in the 
cannabis industry.

"These attendance numbers far exceeded our expectations. It 
reinforces the investment, innovation and optimism in the legal 
cannabis industry moving forward," says George Jage, Marijuana 
Business Daily president.

Nevada's had medical marijuana laws in place for 15 years, but the 
market has suffered from a lack of retail stores. Only recently has 
Nevada written regulations permitting dispensaries to operate. 
Currently there are four dispensaries serving patients from around 
the country, Nevada's law allows all state-certified cannabis 
patients to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical 
marijuana. There are also dispensary tours, social clubs and other 
ancillary businesses in operation.

Go Nevada, and go Marijuana Business Daily for hosting your fall show 
here to showcase this new marketplace.

Marijuana Business Daily isn't done yet either. In the spring, they 
will host another conference in Orlando, Florida. It will be a great 
time to get information and share ideas with the cannabis crowds, 
which will include the kindest, friendliest, most fun-loving, 
open-minded people in its ranks. You will want to get your tickets 
early as early bird discounts apply and the show is sure to be a sellout.

The Drug Policy Alliance got in on the act recently as well, with 
their biennial conference. This hybrid organization made up of many 
other groups focuses on harm reduction and drug policy issues. More 
than 1,500 people from 40 states and 70 countries around the world 
descended on Washington D.C. for four days of lobbying congress, 
inspirational seminars and displays of freedom and human rights 
included a protest on the National Mall near the Washington Monument. 
In October 2017, the conference will make an appearance in Atlanta, 
Georgia, home of some of the nation's most restrictive drug laws.

So get involved however you can. Go to a local NORML meeting, a 
protest, or perhaps a more organized conference. I will see you there.
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