Pubdate: Wed, 18 Nov 2015
Source: East Bay Express (CA)
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Author: David Downs


 From Melissa Etheridge's heady wine tincture to no-high pot brownies 
that treat anxiety and pain - there are plenty of reasons for 
edibles' fans to be thankful for this year.

Let us give thanks. With full legalization in four states as well as 
Washington DC, plus 23 states with some form of medical cannabis law, 
the legal weed industry is advancing at a rapid pace. And nothing 
better illustrates that innovation than medicated food. Chefs are 
evolving far beyond the natty brownie into forms recently thought 
unimaginable: from Grammy winning-singer Melissa Etheridge's 
cannabis-infused wine to disposable little cups of pot-infused tea, 
honey, and chocolate-covered gourmet blueberries. Even better, a new 
generation of "cannabidiol"-rich edibles provide anxiety or pain 
relief during those long holiday visits, but without the giggly 
psychoactivity of THC.

(For safety's sake, we remind adults one dose of THC is 10 
milligrams, according to Colorado state standards. Folks with a high 
tolerance for THC will sometimes take more, and those with a lower 
tolerance should take less. Edible cannabis products can take up to 
two hours to kick in. Impatient eaters must refrain from taking a 
double or triple-dose while waiting for the first. Side effects can 
include dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea, so go slow. Secure unused 
edibles just as you would any medication.)

Silver CBD Veda Chews

Your Donald Trump-loving in-laws will seem downright quaint on 
Thanksgiving after you suck on some chocolate taffy infused with 
anxiety-relieving cannabidiol (CBD). These chews are individually 
packaged with a lab-tested 15 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of 
THC per chew.

Altai Soothers

Here's a game-changer: Colorado's Dixie Elixirs has expanded into 
California under the "Altai" brand, and the company is selling 
Soothers - elegant hard candies that come in 10-milligram or 
25-milligram THC doses. Suck on one Cherry Vanilla, Bergamot Tea, 
Lemon-Honey, or Watermelon Soother, hide the rest of the case, and 
wait 90 minutes. Can treat pain, tension, and irritability.

Jane's Brew Tea K-Cup

Medical cannabis edibles have reached a new level of evolution with 
the new line of K-Cups by Jane's Brew. Each special, plastic sealed 
cup is compatible with a Keurig automated coffee or tea-making 
machine and contains loosely chopped, fair-trade tea coated in 80 
milligrams of THC from a CO2 extract. Manages insomnia and body pain.

Infused Honey

For folks loath to smoke or associate in any way with cannabis, Happy 
Seed Edibles Infused Honey goes great with exotic cheeses and wine, 
or just straight out of the jar by the spoonful. The Santa Cruz Green 
Mountain Honey comes in indica, sativa, and CBD. It contains 125 
milligrams of THC and 45 milligrams of CBD per ounce, so a teaspoon 
should do you fine. Treats sleep and appetite disorders and provides 
pain relief with the indica infusion. Also comes in individually 
dosed honey stocks with 25 milligrams of THC each.

Infused Olive Oil

It's easier than ever to add cannabis to a main dish using infused 
olive oil. San Francisco's Green Cross dispensary is one of several 
clubs that offers fundamental cooking ingredients, like 
cannabis-infused butter or olive oil. That way, you don't have to 
spend hours making and testing out your own infusion before you cook.

Cooking with Cannabis

One of 2015's most classy cookbook titles - Mastering the Art of 
Cooking with Cannabis - comes from chefs Laurie Wolf and Melissa 
Parks, as well as the team at HERB. The books includes ten entree 
recipes, such as turkey meatballs, seared sirloin with savory bread 
pudding, and roasted cod on arugula puree. Yum.

No Label Wine Tincture

Last spotted at Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc. in Santa Cruz, the 
No Label Wine Tincture is like a fine rose, spiked with the terpenes 
of Sour Diesel. Plus, it's delicious. Each bottle comes with Melissa 
Etheridge's autograph. The tincture combines biodynamically grown 
grenache grapes and organic Santa Cruz Bubba and Sour Diesel. It's 
light and crisp, without any nasty chlorophyll or phytol flavors. Be 
careful, though, it's heady. One dose is just one to three ounces.

Chocolate Brownie Bite

"Women are nearly twice as likely to receive a diagnosis of 
depression or anxiety disorder than men are," noted Dr. Julie Holland 
in The New York Times. Juliana Carella, founder of Auntie Dolores, 
recommends trying a little Brownie Bite first. She's debuted a 
50-milligram CBD brownie that tastes great, and can treat pain, 
inflammation, and anxiety in patients who don't want the euphoria of 
THC. It's a low-glycemic, vegan, lab-tested mother's little helper.

Kiva Terra Blueberries

Sweet, tart, micro-dosed for functional effects, each tin of Kiva 
Terra Blueberries comes with four US-grown blueberries dusted in 
cocoa powder, coated in white chocolate, then dusted with raspberry 
and blueberry powder and finished with a coating of Kiva milk 
chocolate, lab-tested to 5 milligrams of THC per berry. Perfection.
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