Pubdate: Fri, 13 Nov 2015
Source: Coast Reporter (CN BC)
Copyright: 2015 Coast Reporter
Author: Christine Wood

Medicinal Marijuana


Owners of S&M Medicinal Sweet Shoppe, Michelle and Doug Sikora, want 
the District of Sechelt to license, regulate and limit the number of 
medicinal marijuana dispensaries allowed within its jurisdiction, and 
they took their plea to the public last week.

The Sikoras held a public meeting on Nov. 8 at the Davis Bay 
Community Hall where the couple said Sechelt needed to get ready for 
the onslaught of dispensaries that will be looking to set up on the 
Coast once legalization comes in under the new federal government.

"There are already rumours of franchises from Vancouver moving up 
here," Doug said.

"So all of a sudden we might have six pop-up dispensaries that are 
franchised from Vancouver and then what is the District going to do 
about that when there are six of them?"

The Sikoras said they've been trying to get a business licence 
through the District to start a dispensary in Sechelt since January, 
but have been denied and told that "retail distribution of marijuana 
products is not a lawful business."

They hope the election of the Trudeau government and enough support 
from the public will change council's mind.

To that end the Sikoras invited the 20 or so in attendance at the 
public meeting to stand alongside them when they appear as a 
delegation before council on Nov. 18. The couple will be asking 
council once again for a business licence and urging them to regulate 
dispensaries in Sechelt.

"We're hoping we can have a really good turnout so we can let the 
District know that we have a lot of people in the community who need 
this and who support us," Michelle said.

Most audience members said they'd show up, some claiming medicinal 
marijuana had helped them heal from various illnesses or even cured 
them of cancer.

"That's why we're doing this. Our priority and our concern is for the 
people who need it for medicinal reasons," Michelle said.

In addition to hearing the Sikoras speak about licensing and 
regulating dispensaries, Sechelt council will also consider adoption 
of a medical marijuana production zoning bylaw at its regular council 
meeting Nov. 18. That bylaw deals with cultivation and production, as 
well as research of medicinal marijuana under the Marijuana for 
Medical Purposes Regulations.
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