Pubdate: Fri, 06 Nov 2015
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
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Author: Ken Sailor
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The before and after pictures in your article Champ charged in pot
raid (SP, Nov. 3) tell the story, at least for people with eyes to

Given conventional medicine's treatment of his Crohn's disease, Lane
Britnell was clearly in trouble. After he discovered marijuana as a
medicine, however, he was visibly much better - and no longer needing
at least some of his approved and certified doctor prescribed
medications. Can you imagine how wonderful he must feel? How could he
do otherwise than to tell others about his experience? How could he do
other than work in a compassion club, helping others like him?

We have medical marijuana because many people like Britnell have found
it helps with often serious medical conditions. These people have been
hauled before judges who agreed that it is simply bizarre to try to
prevent them using marijuana.

Sometimes the law is wrong. And this law is so wrong that courts in
more enlightened jurisdictions will not prosecute such cases.
Marijuana is a useful medicine for many conditions. Our doctors need
not get involved: marijuana is safe enough that many people can try it
to see if it works. That's what makes a compassion club so useful.
Patients can meet and share experiences. People like Britnell can
provide helpful guidance.

Marijuana is not the answer to everything, but it helps a lot of sick
people. Police and prosecutors should get out of the way and let them
help themselves.

Ken Sailor

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