Pubdate: Fri, 06 Nov 2015
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
Copyright: 2015 The StarPhoenix
Author: Dale Jack
Page: A10


The explanation by Saskatoon police of why they had no choice but to 
raid the Compassion Club is detailed to the point of overstatement 
and even speculation about imaginary crimes other people might commit.

So it's odd they left out one thing: why they never warned or spoke 
with the accused despite numerous requests to talk. Sure there is the 
law and there was a written warning from Health Canada that police 
seem to want to hide behind, but the claim that they have no 
discretion or responsibility in this case is nonsense.

Police always have that choice, especially when there is a question 
as to whether there is any criminal intent. It is not surprising that 
cops will sometimes be cops, or that politicians will sometimes be 
politicians - as Mayor Don Atchison claimed the issue was "not for me at all."

However, when what is at stake is people suffering without access to 
needed drugs, set against a background of favourable court rulings 
and the public rejection of a government that took a hard line in 
favour of one that promised marijuana law reform, one expects 
authorities to think more before acting or absolving themselves of 

Is it right to let people suffer while we wait for the courts and 
legislatures to do the inevitable right thing that our civic 
government will not? What use is it if it cannot make rational 
decisions or even have an open discussion on an issue as difficult 
and important as this?

Dale Jack Saskatoon
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