Pubdate: Mon, 02 Nov 2015
Source: Dayton Daily News (OH)
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Author: Tiffany Y. Latta


Many races, issues to be decided today.

Statewide issues and local races on the ballot are expected to draw
thousands of voters in Clark and Champaign counties to the polls Tuesday.

More than 4,400 voters in Clark County and more than 1,400 voters in
Champaign County have cast absentee ballots since early voting began
Oct. 6, board of elections officials said Monday.

Clark County Board of Elections Director Matthew Tlachac projects that
less than 50 percent of Clark County's more than 85,700 registered
voters will cast ballots Tuesday. But that percentage could be
impacted by expected high interest in the statewide marijuana issues.

"We never know. In the past couple weeks we have been seeing an uptick
in the number of people that are requesting absentee ballots =C2=85 an
effort by either the proponents or the opponents," Tlachac said,
referring to marijuana issues.

Meredith Bodey, deputy director of the Champaign County Board of
Elections, said based on the number of early voters, officials
anticipate about 60 percent of the county's more than 24,000 voters
will turnout on Election Day.

Bodey agreed voters will be drawn to the polls largely due hot button
statewide issues such as marijuana legalization.

State Issue 2 seeks to nullify the legalization of pot; Issue 3 calls
for the legalization of pot.

On Issue 1, voters will have a chance to change the way politicians
draw state legislative district lines. Lines are redrawn for the Ohio
Legislature every 10 years to reflect population shifts.

In addition, voters will also decide several local races,

*The Clark County municipal judge race between incumbent Judge Eugene
Nevius and Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Carey.

*The Springfield mayor race between Mayor Warren Copeland and
Frederick Stegner.

*The Clark County Board of Education race between Amy Agie Foreman,
Linda Jordan, Kelly Reynolds, Stan Wenclewicz and Richard Zsambok

*The Springfield City School District board race between Jamie Callan,
Ed Leventhal, Veola Moore and Chris Williams.

*The Springfield Twp. Trustee race between incumbent Tim Foley and
Fire Chief John Roeder.

Voters will also decide on several local levies:

*The Clark County Park District levy is seeking a 10-year renewal of a
0.6 tax levy for the purpose of parks and recreation.

*The Clark County Historical Society is seeking a 0.3-mill levy for
the maintenance and operation of a free public museum.

*Springfield Twp. seeks a 1-mill tax levy for the purpose of the
general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of
streets, roads and bridges.

*Enon is seeking a five-year, 2.5-mill renewal levy to provide and
maintain the operation of its police department.
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