Pubdate: Mon, 26 Oct 2015
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
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Author: Jeremy Simes
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Local Medical Marijuana Clinic Hopes to Grow

One of Calgary's medical marijuana clinics is hoping to expand shop, 
after seeing more interest from investors since the Liberals were 
elected to power last week.

But according to the City of Calgary, don't expect weed dispensaries 
to bud anytime soon.

"Our Plan B was to open up dispensaries and now that's an actual 
reality - it opens up our patient base," said Jeff Mooij, owner of 
the 420 Clinic.

The 420 Clinic isn't the only place peaking investors' interests: 
after the Liberals swept to power, companies like Canopy Growth Corp. 
saw its share spike by more than 21 per cent on the TSX.

In early October, the city was looking at ways to properly classify, 
manage and regulate Calgary's medical marijuana clinics to handle the 
future growth of such businesses.

During a city council session that month, city planners were told to 
figure out where future medical marijuana clinics should be zoned - 
community members were concerned the clinics would become 
full-fledged pot shops if laws allowed for it, said city planner Laurie Kimber.

The 420 clinic in Inglewood won't turn into a dispensary, Mooij 
assured, adding the there's no point for the city to create a new 
classification system for medical weed clinics.

"A new classification for (medical marijuana) clinics is a moot 
point," he said. "People aren't going to do what we're doing - they'd 
rather start up a dispensary when the law allows for it."

Still, planners will continue to determine a proper classification 
and zoning system for medical marijuana clinics, Kimber said, adding 
much won't change anytime soon.

"There won't be any immediate ramifications," he said. "Until we see 
what comes from the federal government and the province, we won't 
make any changes."

Prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau has said he wants to 
implement a model that makes it harder for teens to access pot, which 
also keeps profits away from organized crime.

If a liquor-store model is implemented, marijuana advocates expect 
the provinces to play a part in lawmaking, where some may create 
public- or private-store models.
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