Pubdate: Wed, 21 Oct 2015
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
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Author: Braeden Jones
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MACROS chief hopes Liberals will listen to community

The manager of Edmonton's only cannabis dispensary is "cautiously
optimistic" Canada's new government will include businesses like his
in its eventual plan to legalize marijuana.

"The only problem or issue I have with the Liberal's (discussion) of
legalization is they say one thing but we don't know if or how they
are actually going to go through with it," said Aaron Bott, president
of Mobile Access Compassionate Resources Organization Society.

MACROS provided medical marijuana card holders with information about
the medicine and connected members with licensed growers for 11 years
before being raided in July.

Prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau has a softer stance on
marijuana than Stephen Harper (who recently claimed it was "infinitely
worse" than tobacco), even going so far as to talk of legalizing it.

"We have been watching Mr. Trudeau very closely since he mentioned
legalization," Bott said, adding he likes what he hears but doesn't
see it reflected in the Liberal plan.

Trudeau discussed benefits to legalizing cannabis - including
insulating Canadians from criminals and protecting children - during
the long federal campaign.

Since Monday, he's explained the timeline to legalize, tax and manage
an idea that was prominent in his campaign isn't settled yet.

Bott said he hopes medical pot users don't get "snowed under" by
concerns of accommodating recreational users.

He explained dispensaries should be included in whatever legalization
model Trudeau goes with, so people can "open up dispensaries for
patients to access the best quality medicine available."

He also said it's important to make sure the government allows people
to grow their own plants as medicine, and tests all of the marijuana
for quality control.

"Hopefully (the new government) will listen to the cannabis community
and people who have been in the industry for over a decade =C2=85 and
hopefully they look at the best model for the people."
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