Pubdate: Thu, 15 Oct 2015
Source: Tampa Bay Times (FL)
Copyright: 2015 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Charles M . Fuss Jr
Page: A10


The liberal media has demonized mandatory minimum drug sentences,
referring to them as punishment for 'nonviolent' crimes. What about
the violence that illegal narcotics have done to a large segment of
our population? Comparing the cost of incarcerating drug offenders
with the cost of drug damage would be instructive.

Mandatory minimum sentences played a major role in reducing the flow
of illegal drugs into Florida and the rest of the country. We seem to
have lost that bit of history.

I spent seven years interviewing federal drug prisoners for
intelligence on successful drug smuggling. The information was
obtained at little cost. None of these inmates would have cooperated
were it not for their attempts to reduce sentences.

Charles M . Fuss Jr., St. Pete Beach
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