Pubdate: Sun, 11 Oct 2015
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV)
Copyright: 2015 Las Vegas Review-Journal
Author: Fred Bilello


There was nothing new in your most recent editorial about the federal 
government's war on drugs ("DEA whitewash," Monday Review-Journal). 
The logic for legalization of recreational drugs has been common 
knowledge for many decades, yet the reasons for government resistance 
have never been forensically addressed.

Law enforcement relies heavily upon informants, lots of 
government-laundered money and citizens who fear and respect the 
institution. The results of prohibition have been Whitey Bulgers, 
Drug Enforcement Administration parties and a rebellious population, 
all of which contribute to rotting the very soul of our once-great 
republic by undermining the national will.

Those who argue that we need to "save the children" do not take into 
consideration the fact that whoever wants marijuana can already get 
all they want, lionizing the slime who sell marijuana and who 
encourage the use of harder drugs. The street dealer is the final 
link in a chain that intimidates governments around the globe and 
addicts them to payoff money they would otherwise have gotten through 
legalization of marijuana. Legalization would be a major step in 
eradicating street gangs and the violence they perpetrate.

Like alcohol, legalization of marijuana will not keep it out of the 
hands of children, and both are issues that need to be forcefully 
addressed. But we can begin the process by admitting what is common 
knowledge: marijuana prohibition began with lies fed to a trusting 
and gullible public. This is no longer the case, and those who 
persist in pressing the issue are insulting their own intelligence.

Fred Bilello

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