Pubdate: Sun, 11 Oct 2015
Source: Herald and News (Klamath Falls, OR)
Copyright: 2015 Herald and News
Author: Melissa Ferroggiaro


I guess I will never understand the county commissioners decision to 
ban Klamath County from the legal cannabis industry.

I will never accept or forgive them for trying to single-handedly 
ruin and bankrupt my family.

For banning my store after we had been approved by the state and had 
been granted a license.

Why would any business want to suffer so hard trying to stay here?

Why would you want to take honest, hard-working citizens, who right 
now have legal protection given by the state, and knowingly turn them 
into criminals?

Where are your morals?

Why would you not want the staunch regulation that comes with 
legalization? Why would you not want tax money?

Whose pockets are your hands in?

It is a sin as a "commission"er to not happily bring in commission! 
Who are you really working for? Must be yourself, because it 
certainly isn't the population who lives here.

These commissioners are the real criminals, folks ... not the people 
and businesses they are trying to ban.

Melissa Ferroggiaro

Laughing Lotus Farms LLC.

"Quality Medicinals"

Klamath Falls
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