Pubdate: Fri, 09 Oct 2015
Source: Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)
Copyright: 2015 Statesman Journal
Author: Gordon Friedman


Oregon's budding recreational marijuana industry estimated strong 
sales during the state's first week of legal retail sales.

In the first five days, it's estimated Oregon cannabis retailers sold 
more than $11 million of marijuana, according to Casey Houlihan, 
executive director of the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association.

Houlihan said the first day alone pulled in $3.5 million in sales.

Oregon sales easily outpaced the first week of sales in Colorado and 
Washington. Colorado's first week of sales reached $5 million. In 
Washinton state, sales during the first month hit $2 million.

Houlihan said one reason Oregon fared better was because it has fewer 
restrictions on retailer, processor and grower participation.

That, coupled with the already existing medical marijuana market 
infrastructure and a strong costumer base provided a smooth 
transition into recreational sales.

Houlihan said the benefits of the recreational market are clear to 
businesses, many of whom have seen long lines of customers.

Some of those customers are breaking stereotypes of the typical cannabis user.

"That's certainly been the case from shop owners," Houlihan said, 
"since they're telling me that customers lining up are in many cases 
50 to 65 and haven't purchased marijuana in decades, but they're just 
happy to have the opportunity to do so," he said.
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